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Canon to close production lines in Zhuhai

2022-01-17 14:45:50   Source:China Daily   Author:Fan Feifei


The booth of Canon at the Shanghai International Photographic Equipment and Digital Imaging Exhibition, on July 10, 2021. [Photo/IC]

Japanese tech giant Canon Inc said on Friday it plans to close some of its production lines in Zhuhai, Guangdong province, which mainly produce digital cameras.

An announcement with the official seal of Canon Zhuhai Co Ltd recently circulated on the internet, saying that it had decided to reduce the company's production due to the sharp decline in the global camera market in recent years along with the raging COVID-19 pandemic.

Canon has a total of 15 companies in China, with businesses covering printers, mechanical equipment, software, semiconductor devices and healthcare technology, according to Canon China's official website.

The Zhuhai plant is Canon's only production base for digital cameras, sensors and lenses on the Chinese mainland.

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