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Film with grassroots focus gives new life to online movies

2021-07-28 11:13:03   Source:China Daily   Author:Xu Fan

A still image features pop idol Yang Chaoyue. [Photo provided to China Daily]

A few years ago, online films were usually deemed inferior to those shown in the theaters, due to limited budgets and lesser-known casts. But a new online film gathering a string of A-listers exemplifies the rules of the game are changing, thanks to the burgeoning expansion of streaming platforms.

Wo MeDe Xin Sheng Huo (Our New Life) is set to be released July 23 on China's three largest streaming sites: Youku, iQiyi and Tencent.

The film consists of five standalone tales, respectively directed by five young talents -- Shen Ao, Yao Tingting, Zhang Luan, Lu Zhengyu and actor-turned filmmaker Bao Bei'er.

All unfolding from grassroots perspectives, the stories touch on multiple aspects of the new changes in modern society, varying from how elderly people's daily lives have been influenced by the widespread use of 5G to locals in mountainous areas able to pursue their dreams thanks to China's convenient transportation network.

Interestingly, director Zhang's tale -- perhaps the most attractive to young netizens -- stars pop idol Yang Chaoyue and Tamdrin (whose Mandarin name is Ding Zhen), an online celebrity who was previously a Tibetan herder in Sichuan province.

Director Yao says they hope the film will raise the bar for online movies, and help internet series and films gain more recognition in the domestic industry.


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