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China's first TV drama on rocket force set to debut

2021-04-13 10:48:14   Source:China daily  
A still image features actor Li Yifeng in The Glory of Youth. [Photo provided to China Daily]

As the country's first TV drama centering on the Rocket Force of the People's Liberation Army, the 49-episode tale The Glory of Youth will run on Zhejiang Television, Jiangsu Television and the streaming site Youku starting April 13.

Adapted from military writer Feng Jie's novel Join the Army after College, the story follows four young men who join the Rocket Force after graduating from their universities.

With a stellar cast led by Li Yifeng, Chen Xingxu, Zhang Xinyu and Xiao Yang, the project takes more than three years on preparation and production.

Known for the 2017 blockbusterAnimal World and 2020 popular series Fearless Whispers, actor Li recalls he was hooked by the script at first glance, which skillfully blends stressful military life and funny moments for new recruits.

"When I put on the military suit to play a soldier for the first time, I was quite nervous and shy to look at myself in the mirror. It was my first time to play a military staffer. It was a dream experience that made me feel I had really become a soldier," Li said.

With support from the Rocket Force, the show provides a glimpse of China's strategic and tactical missile forces, stirring national pride among young audiences, producers said.


Actor Duan Bowen [Photo provided to China Daily]

Actor Li Yifeng [Photo provided to China Daily]

Actor Xiao Yang [Photo provided to China Daily]

Actress Zhang Xinyu [Photo provided to China Daily]

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