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2021-02-20 10:44:00   Source:Chindianet   Author:Pankaj Kumar

As it is wisely said that life is too unexpectable. To pursue medicine, I had to make up my mind to come to China. I wished that China wasn’t as I knew in media reports.

I came to China in September 2019 via Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport. I was flabbergasted to see technology getting too advanced in Chengdu.

There was a lot of hustle and bustle everywhere i saw. All the cities looked nicely developed with master-class infrastructure. First thought which came in my mind after seeing China was that China is 10 years ahead in terms of technology and infrastructure.


All of my social media networks stopped when I stepped inside China. As Chinese tech-companies have developed alternative apps, which proved that China is seriously an Another World living on its own terms.

As i started exploring China more, I clicked this picture inside Chinese market.


For once, I thought that what I heard about Chinese people eating every type of animal, insect was true. Later someone told me that these turtles are kept as pet by Chinese people. But as the time passed, I explored that not all people eat all sort of animals, insect species.

After interacting with a lot of Chinese people, I came to know that Chinese people don’t eat cockroach, lizards etc. So rumors about China were getting cleared in my mind which portrayed false image of China.

I also went to Yilong(仪陇县,County in Northeast of Sichuan Province) with my friends and classmates.


This picture was taken during trip to Yilong and active interaction with Chinese people gave my mind a sense of affection and love towards Chinese people.


Since i am little introvert, I don’t have many friends. Yang Ling is one of my closest friends. I think he is one of the most pleasing Chinese person I have ever met. He was appointed as my Chinese language tutor as a result of culture exchange program, he is too energetic and helpful. With time, we get to know each other better and became nice friends. Once he took me to eat food with his family, taught me: Chinese dinning table etiquettes, how to be more interactive and friendly with natives. He gave me an insight of Chinese lifestyle, customs and traditions. Always ready to help under all circumstances, he gave me strong sense of trustworthy nature of Chinese people. We are friends from the day i came and i feel that he is quite inspiring. After spending almost two years together as friends, I can say that he is basically Chinese version of me. I wish we achieve new milestones of friendship in future.

Walking down the streets when I meet random people, great respect for each other and for me is a clear indication of their high etiquettes. The way Chinese people talk is very polite and generous. Family is their first and foremost priority and they take great pride in their country China.

The unique thing about Chinese native people is that they mainly emphasize on respecting sentiments of friends, family, colleagues, often by not directly refusing one’s request.

From my experience in China of nearly 2 years, i can conclude that customs and traditions demonstrate politeness to elder people, and natives don’t speak their minds soon, but as the time passes it gets easier to read facial expressions and body language.

As a result of unconditional love shown by people towards me, I got a sense of belongingness and togetherness towards people.

Internet censorship as per most people is serious violation of human rights. But reality is far beyond this. As positive outcome of internet censorship, people are protected from browsing offensive content available online & also to prevent people from getting negative influence from irrelevant content on websites, thus avoiding criminal behavior in people.

Internet censorship also stop spread of fake news. That’s why China is far from crime.China was just like prison to me from what I saw in news in social media and TV news about it. Actually China is NOT a prison at all for Chinese people. People are happy under rules and regulations made by concerned authorities, as people’s safety is primary concern for Chinese government.

Later COVID-19 outbreak happened and life seemed to stop, yet I didn’t went back to my country because deep down in my head i knew that I was somehow more safe in China.

Abiding by strict rules guided by officials and by people’s cooperation and coordination, China got over COVID-19 even saving its economy from going down.

China became first country to win over coronavirus epidemic, and life has become normal now. I wish no country suffer from such epidemics.

Well i am enjoying my stay in China, from deepest corner of my heart I want to say that I feel like home in China.

Chinese people are free to do whatever they want without disturbing functioning of normal society. Chinese people love their country and are obsessed with their food and culture.

I only request to readers to stop believing what they see on their mobile screens about China. Things are sometimes not what we hear. To see the reality, you need to experience with your own eyes and your mindful presence.

China as a country is one of most safest places on Earth. As all the activities are under strict monitoring of government officials, so it feels like peace in China. One can live his/her life calmly without any sort of fear or disturbances. Citizens are being monitored through camera/Internet& other digital technologies, as a consequence of which China feels completely safe and secure.

Generally speaking, China is very safe and sound, since most people are friendly, honest, trustworthy.

For me, China is love. So come to China & explore it nicely, see reality far beyond your expectations.

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