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2021-02-09 16:37:56   Source:Chindianet   Author:Roy Kiran

Before, China was just a country in the world map. I never knew about its culture, tradition and her people. In the year of 2016, I got fortuity to visit the awe-inspiring place called Chengdu, the land of opportunity, inspiration and experience. I came to Chengdu by holding an acceptance letter to one of her prominent university named as Sichuan university. With a desire to be creative ,cooperative ,decisive ,energetic and ethical doctor from her fabulous college ,West China Medical Center, Sichuan University. She greeted me with a beautiful sunset. That is the first time I fall in love with her. Regarded as one of china’s most livable cities, there is something for everyone in this thriving capital of Sichuan province. I stayed three years in well-furnished dormitory of Huaxi Campus. My campus is well known for out-standing, successful students.

The first few days was really hard for me to adjust because I was longing for home. There was a lot of friendly faces around me which made my day bright. My education was handled by a bunch of hard working, grateful, innovative and dedicated professors. They encouraged us, made mind to think, hands to create and hearts to love. They are the best teachers who show you where to look but don’t tell you what to see. As my course expands, I decided to explore Chengdu. For her rich tradition, culture and taste.

 Chengdu is proud to be an established capital. She is known for being the home of china’s most famous creatures, The Cute Giant Panda.

Despite limited resources, in recent years, the Chengdu Panda Base staff has continued to improve its infrastructure to provide a high international standard for tourist facilities, services and experience.

The Panda base is easily accessible, as it is located no more than 10 kilometers north of Chengdu on the Futou Mountain. Rivers, lakes, brooks, ornamental green lawns and greens, wild bamboo forests and, woods, man-made dens, rocks, caves and plant pits, simulates the panda’s natural ecological environment. The landscape combined with enrichment and climbing apparatuses, create a natural and mentally healthy environment for the pandas.

 The paths in the panda base are flanked with thick fern leaf hedge bamboos and other ornamental bamboo oriental cherry, lindera megaphylla and other ornamental plants compatible with the natural environment of the panda base.

 The panda base is also inhabited by other endangered wildlife, including red pandas, swans, peacocks, birds, butterflies and hundreds of insects.

The panda base is known as the best tourist destination to get closer to the rare giant pandas. Visitors can closely observe the giant pandas of different ages resting, eating and drinking, playing with each other, using enrichment toys, or watch female pandas nursing their cubs in the nursery rooms.

 I visited a county (Beichuan qiang autonomous county) under jurisdiction of Mianyang in northern Sichuan province. Its Chinese name literally means "North" (Bei) "River"(Chuan). During the Great Sichuan Earthquake, Beichuan is among the most severely hit of all disaster regions following the 2008 Sichuan earthquake. 80% of the county's buildings are said to have collapsed. The county town, which prior to the earthquake had a population of 20,000, is to be made into a memorial park. Beichuan Earthquake Museum is a memorial museum of the 2008 Sichuan earthquake located in Beichuan County. 

As I was entangled  with my exploration. I forget to mention Chengdu gave us the foreign Students. She gave us the opportunity to celebrate our own cultural festivals like Onam (It is a harvest festival celebrated by Malayali’s) same as The Chinese New Year.

Onam is a major annual event for Malayali people in and outside Kerala. The Chengdu Malayali’s celebrate Onam with Pookkalam (flower Rangoli), Onam Kali (game) like Tug of War, by singing “Onavillu” (music), It is the New Year day for Malayali’s. In India every religion has their own celebrations. We celebrate all the festivals together without any boundaries.


Chengdu gives us the chance to bring together once again our love, care, affection to each other. Another celebration that we held here was Christmas and Eid. Before drowning in my part of the world, let's go back to my new home. When we get hungry, she fed us with scrumptious, luscious, delectable, mouth-watering flavors of food.

My favorites are, Cold Chicken in Chili Oil (Liang Ban Ji), Rabbit fried with Peppers (Shuang Jiao Tu), Sichuan Dumplings in Chili Oil (Hong You Chao Shou). I almost forgot about Sichuan style food. A variety of sautéeing, stir-frying without steaming, dry-braising, soaking in water (Pao), or frying Cuisine.

" Yum Yum, my mouth is watering even I think about it."

 About the Culture of Chengdu. Chengdu is a historical and cultural city with a history of about 3000years.since ancient times, creativity as been Chengdu’s key distinguishing feature as with quality in leisure and surged innovation in delicacy. Today it has evolved into a culturally diverse, tolerant, and cosmopolitan metropolis and a hotspot for the creative and start up scene- from design, gastronomy, advertising, publishing ,art, film and television media, music, animation games and constantly growing  creative scene.

Chengdu is also known for its teahouses, its association with Taoism and a resulting culture which emphasizes tradition, the importance of nature and relaxation. This culture contributes to Chengdu's high ratings for livability.

Chengdu is located in central Sichuan. The surrounding Chengdu Plain is known as the "Country of Heaven". “ It is the happiest city that I lived”.

Chengdu also influenced me with sports. My favorite sport is soccer. I got enormous opportunity to develop my skills in soccer. We had players from different countries. We created our own league and Compete with professional players. I always kept that spirit going as it is a good exercise.

There were lots of fun part for us in Chengdu. Late night parties, hangout with friends, night ride in bike among the illuminated tall buildings.

Last but not the least, the weather in Chengdu is amazing. One part of a year it is cold and other part is warm. When I call my parents, they say that " you got fair now".

Chengdu is the best, she nourished us, fed us, gave us the opportunity to see and learn from the world beyond our expectation. I have successfully completed 4 years of my life in Chengdu. I am really amazed about it. Still looking forward to have more experience and chances for exploration.
 1302B, Minyoun Financial Plaza, Jinjiang District, Chengdu, China
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