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9 new COVID-19 cases confirmed in Guangdong province

2022-01-17 14:29:23   Source:China Daily   Author:LI WENFANG


Guangdong province reported nine new confirmed COVID-19 cases on Sunday, including two in Shenzhen, five in Zhuhai and one each in Zhongshan and Meizhou.

The one case in Meizhou involves an 11-year-old boy who returned to the city from Zhuhai with his parents in their car on Jan 11.

The boy was infected with the Omicron variant and is part of a transmission chain in Zhuhai.

The one case in Zhongshan was previously identified as an asymptomatic carrier. The person is a colleague of a previously confirmed case in Zhongshan and is part of the same Omicron variant transmission chain in Zhuhai.

Three rounds of testing of the coronavirus among all residents are being carried out in Zhuhai starting on Sunday.

People leaving Zhuhai are required to present a green health code and negative nucleic acid testing result within 24 hours, said Zhou Yongwen, deputy director of the city's transport bureau, at a news conference on Sunday.

Junior high schools, primary schools and kindergartens in Zhuhai started their winter vacation ahead of schedule Sunday.

The operation of all tourist sites in Zhuhai was suspended by Sunday.

In the two cases in Shenzhen, a 21-year-old woman engaged in the distribution of imported chemical agents and living in Longgang district was infected with the Omicron variant.

Shenzhen's COVID-19 epidemic control authorities requires that people not leave the city unless necessary and present a negative nucleic acid testing result within 48 hours if they have to leave.

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