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Service Guideline——G Visa

2020-01-03 14:28:42   Source:Exit&Entry Administration Department of Chengdu Public Security Bureau  

I. Applicants

Foreigners in transit to China to other countries or regions

II. Legal Basis

Exit and Entry Administration Law of the People's Republic of China

Administrative Regulations of the People's Republic of China on Entry and Exit of Foreigners

III. Application Requirement

Visa extension: For the reason that the activity or activities for which foreigners apply for the G visa originally has not yet terminated or for other legitimate reasons, foreigners holding G visa, who need to stay beyond the expiration date specified in the visa and are not required to change the type of visa, shall apply for extending the visa at least 7 days prior to the expiry of the duration specified in the visa.

Visa reissuance: In case applicants change their passports or add accompanying persons in their passports after entering into China, applicants shall apply for visa reissuance at least 7 days prior to the expiry of the duration specified in the visa.

IV. Application Documents

Originals and copies of valid passport or other international travel document, visa,entry stamp;

Visa,Stay Permit and Residence Permit Application Form;

Accommodation Registration Form for Foreign Nationals;

One recently taken half-length, white background, bareheaded, full-faced two-inch photo;

The certificate letter of host organization, and ticket with settled date and seat;

Applicants,who hold a new passport for the last one is about to expire or visa pages have run out, shall produce the foregoing documents in items 1 to 4hereinabove, and submit the passport used for entry into China or certificate issued by embassy or consulate of applicant's country in China, certifying that the passport used for entry has been collected; Applicant can get are issued visa in accordance with validity period of entry, duration of stay and the left valid entry as those on the last visa;

For newly added accompanying persons in passports, applicants shall produce the foregoing documents in items 1 to 4 herein above, as well as the passport used for entry into China and birth certificates of the newly added accompanying persons. Applicant can get a reissued visa in accordance with validity period of entry, duration of stay and the left valid entry as those on the last visa;

Other documents required by the local exit/entry administrations of public security organs when necessary.

V. Duration of stay

Extension: Applicants can apply for the period of stay within 30 days. The exit/entry administrations of public security organs shall have the discretion to determine the appropriate duration of stay on the basis of the applicant's situation.

VI. Entrusted Application

The application of visa, the extension and reissuance of residence permit as well as stay permit are accepted by exit and entry administration of public security organs, where the applicant is required to go through relevant formalities in person and at the same time, be interviewed. Under any of the following conditions, the application may be entrusted to host organizations or individuals, relatives of the applicant, or specialized agencies:

1. The applicant is under the age of 16 or at the age of 60 or above, or has mobility difficulties for illness or other reasons;

2. The applicant has been to China before and keeps a good record of stay or residence in China;

3. Provision of guarantee measures for the expenses required in China by the host organization or individual to the applicant.

VII. Application Procedure

Consult--Fill out forms--Get a queue number--Get accepted as a case--Get receipt of application document -- Print paying voucher--Pay the dues--Issue visa

VIII. Processing Time

Within 5 workdays


1. All relevant documents issued by overseas organizations shall have Chinese translation.

2. Applicants are required to be interviewed. Applicants who match entrusted conditions may entrust host organizations or individuals, relatives of the applicant, or specialized agencies to file the applications. But if applicants or relevant persons and organizations are notified to be interviewed by the local exit and entry administration authority of public security organ, the one who fail to be interviewed at an appointed time without valid cause, may result in rejection of the application.

3. The extension of visa shall apply only to the current entry and shall have no effect on the number of authorized entries or the entry validity period of the original visa. The accumulated length of extension shall not exceed the original duration of stay specified in the visa. If reissued, the original visa becomes invalid.

4. Applicants with Chinese household registrations shall cancel their household registrations before filing application, and shall submit certificate of cancellation of household registration when so required.

X. Laws & Regulations Tips:

1. Foreigners who apply for the extension of visa shall file the application at least 7 days prior to the expiry of the validity period on their visa.

2. Applicants whose passports or other international travel documents are held by the exit/entry administration authorities for the purpose of application processing can legally stay in China on the strength of acceptance receipts.

3. Entities or individuals that issue written invitations shall be liable for the fidelity of the contents.

4. The exit/entry administration of public security organ can verify the fidelity of the specific application matters by way of interview, telephone call or on-the-spot investigation. The applicant and entities or individuals that issue invitations and documents shall provide cooperation.

5. Decisions made by the exit/entry administration of public security organ on rejecting applications for visa extension or reissuance, or on not issuing foreigners' stay or residence permits or not extending the duration of residence shall be final.

6. The visa-issuing authorities are not required to give reasons for refusing the issuance of a visa.
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