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Wall paintings in Kolkata's street exhibition to connect people with arts

2022-02-28 13:57:05   Source:Chindianet  

With the aim to connect people with art, artists in India’s Kolkata city painted walls in a street exhibition in the city's Behala area. The third edition of Behala Art Fest will be held between February 25 and 27. The organizers are holding the festival keeping Covid guidelines in mind.

Artists are giving a final touch to their art expressions. The paintings portray various social issues. Further, among the wall paintings, celebrated filmmaker Satyajit Ray also found the place. This time, Behala Art Fest is all about subaltern culture and subaltern art.

Speaking to correspondents, Sanatan Dinda, the convener of Behala Art Fest said, "Keeping in mind the theme of Behala Art Fest, all the artists are doing their work. Human civilization is passing through a dark era. Our theme is 'Light and Darkness'. Artists are sharing their innovative ideas of 'Light and Darkness with life and existence in the foreground." "We hope to take such initiatives forward and make the city more colourful for residents and visitors. Art is for the sake of the people," he added.

Another artist Panchali Banerjee, said, "We were looking for an open space for the exhibition so that it can be accessed by all. People should connect with art. It is also a big challenge for the artists to move out of the gallery art and display their art in the street. 30 to 40 artists have worked in this art fest. The work is almost done. The final touch is being given. People are reaching in large numbers."

Reference : The Statesman, Hindustan Times & Indian Express.

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