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Cheng Kaijia died at age 101   2018-11-17
Cheng KaijiaTop scientist Cheng Kaijia died at age 101 in Beijing on Saturday. He was a winner of the country's top science award in 2013.   More
        Time:2018-11-17       Browse:50    
Former professor who gave 2m yuan financial aid to students dies   2018-11-04
A file photo of Fang Jing.More than 1,000 people took part in the funeral of Fang Jing, the national model of ethical behavior, at Renzhuang village in Songzhuang township of Lianyungang, East China's Jiangsu province, on Oct 30.Fang Jing, 88, who was name   More
        Time:2018-11-04       Browse:61    
Do You Know China's 10 Richest People?   2018-04-15
China's billionaire population is on the rise.Today, the country is home to 10 percent of the world's almost 2,400 billionaires, according to the latest report from Wealth-X. But, perhaps more notably, a massive 94 percent of them are self-made.Growth    More
        Time:2018-04-15       Browse:106    
Mahesh Trivedi |Plan for proxy voting rights to 25m non-resident India   2017-12-13
◆ Writer: Mahesh TrivediThe Indian government’s recent decision to allowthe 25-million-odd non-resident Indians (NRIs) to vote from overseas in federaland provincial elections through their local proxies has raised a rumpus, and,if implemented, is sure to cr   More
        Time:2017-12-13       Browse:524    
Top 10 Richest Chinese Women In 2017   2017-12-11
Average wealth for the top 50 female entrepreneurs from the Chinese mainland increased by 48 percent over the previous year to a record high of 23.1 billion yuan ($3.50 billion), and the benchmark to be listed increased by 25 percent to 10 billion yuan, accord   More
        Time:2017-12-11       Browse:121    
Mother seeks death penalty in Japan for murder   2017-11-15
A Chinese mother whose daughter died after being attacked by a Chinese man in Tokyo, is seeking the death penalty for the suspect, a month before the case will be heard in a Japanese court.Jiang Qiulian, the mother of Jiang Ge, 24, who was found dead with mult   More
        Time:2017-11-15       Browse:92    
An honor that is one for the books   2017-10-08
Su Wenzhu says she never dreamed an ordinary librarian such as herself would be elected as a delegate to attend the most important Party conference in the country.Su, 50, is one of the grassroots delegates that will attend the 19th National Congress of the Com   More
        Time:2017-10-08       Browse:115    
'Monkey mother' Pan Huifen   2017-10-03
Pan Huifen feeds monkeys at Longhu Mountain nature reserve in Long'an county, South China's Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region, Sept 27, 2017. Pan Huifen, a 61-year-old local in Long'an, currently works as a tour guide in Longhu Mountain nature reser   More
        Time:2017-10-03       Browse:105    
Major General Zhang, a war hero, founder, dies at 101   2017-09-11
Retired Major General Zhang Yuhua (center) salutes with his right hand, which was wounded in war, while celebrating the 70th anniversary of the victory in World War II in 2015. Zhang Yuhua, the retired major general and war hero, died early on Sunday in Nanjin   More
        Time:2017-09-11       Browse:125    
Young village teacher who taught despite cancer moves Chinese   2017-09-11
A 26-year-old teacher who continued to teach at a village school in East China's Zhejiang province after she was diagnosed with liver cancer has moved many Chinese ahead of Teachers' Day on Sunday.People expressed their condolences and respects for Che   More
        Time:2017-09-11       Browse:109    

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