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Ministry issues guideline to promote winter sports on campus   2019-06-16
China's Ministry of Education has issued a guideline to facilitate the development of winter sports on campus.Education in schools should nurture students' interests and improve their skills in winter sports, according to the guideline made public Frid   More

Xi'an student captures her city in water color   2019-04-07
Qiu Meng, a senior student at Xi'an Polytechnic University, shows her hand-drawing works of Xi'an. Qiu Meng has been fascinated with hand-drawing ever since she started attending university in Xi'an, Northwest China's Shaanxi province.Qui is a    More

On-campus food delivery app goes viral   2019-03-17
Two students working part-time as food couriers pack food for delivery at Xi'an International Studies University in Xi'an, Shaanxi province on March 12, 2019. A canteen food delivery app launched by Xi'an International Studies University in Shaanxi   More

Competition engages Indian students with Chinese economy   2018-11-24
A competition aimed at tapping the potential of management students held in India drew 1,188 students from across the country.The event, called Annual Biz Challenge, was launched by Topline Consulting, a China-based communications firm, in association with MIC   More

10 Things I Miss the Most About Living in China   2018-04-04
After spending three months working and travelling in China, I have come to the conclusion that it is both absolutely amazing and completely crazy in equal measures.There are so many things that happen where the only appropriate response is: ‘only in China’.   More

As Foreign Students in China, You Should Know These...   2018-04-04
Historically China is one of the largest exporters of foreign students. But the recent economic development has played a vital role to introduce itself as a hub for international students as well. How many foreigners study in China?Whereas foreign students his   More

How to Choose Your Chinese Name   2018-03-09
Foreigners using Chinese names is a custom dating back to the Tang Dynasty. We do it for the same reasons some Chinese use English names overseas — they’re easier for locals to pronounce and facilitate cross-cultural connections. In other words…when in Rome   More

Chinese University Bans Christmas   2017-12-18
Shenyang Pharmaceutical University informed students the ban was to help them develop their own “cultural confidence”.And the university claimed youngsters have been "blindly excited" by Western holidays.The statement said: “In recent years, influenced by W   More

A glimpse of student life at Hunan Women's University   2017-09-16
In 1985, Hunan Women's University became the first public women's university to open since the founding of the People's Republic of China. More than 10,000 students live on campus in 2017. Their lives are a mystery to outsiders, but photos shed som   More

Wedding photos in border police college in Guangzhou   2017-06-27
Some 103 graduates at a border police college in Guangzhou, Guangdong province celebrated their graduation by organizing and participating in a series of wedding photos for their trainer. The college was founded in 1994 and is responsible for training border p   More

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