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Investors encouraged to enter scrap vehicle sector   2019-02-24
Junk cars at the salvage yard Beijing.Private and foreign investors are being encouraged to enter the scrap motor vehicle business to fuel competition in China's huge market, officials at the Ministry of Commerce said on Friday.The newly amended rules on t
Improve Yourself with These Chinese Business Etiquette Tips!   2018-04-22
With increasing globalization comes the need for more and more people to do business with the Chinese. As a result, many in the Dig Mandarin audience seek to improve their business vocabulary. While language is important in bridging an intercontinental relatio
Watch Out! Such Trading Way in China is Illegal!   2018-03-15
In 2017,China has come out tremendous changes in the policies related to trading environments,bank accounts, Chinese visas. Under such policies, as a foreigner in China, you may come across the following problems.So do you know how such policies work and what
These Imported Products Are 0% Tariff Now!   2018-03-09
According to Ministry of Commerce, up to January 11th, 15 Free Trade Agreements (FTA) have come into effect, covering 23 countries and regions, and more than 8,000 kinds of zero-tariff imported products. What will it be in 2018? 90% of zero-tariff products men
New Rules! Higher Taxes for These Enterprises!   2018-03-05
The New Year is approaching accompanied with the rise in prices of raw materials, wages for workmen. And as regards the industries referring to raw materials, it’s a frightening thing thatEnvironmental Tax is going to be effective.Environmental TaxFrom Januar
Attention! China Strictly Not Allow to Import These Goods   2017-12-25
China's biggest nationwide campaign to fight again imported rubbishAt the midnight of December 19th, China Customs secretly took action to beat imported foreign rubbish like wasted plastics, metals, and rubbers in 19 provinces, including Guangdong, Zhejian
Favorable Policies to Foreign Enterprises’ Investment in China   2017-12-04
A series of favorable policies expected to be introduced are attracting more foreign enterprises, especially high-end manufacturing ones, to expand investment in China, Economic Information Daily reported on Dec. 1.China plans to reduce restrictions on foreign
What Happen If I'm Caught Working Illegal In China?   2017-10-14
Don’t break China's visa laws. This seems obvious but we hear plenty of stories of people doing this anyway and ending up with big fines and a spot on the visa blacklist.Illegal SituationsIf you intend to work in China, you must apply for a work permit fr
China begins to invest $25.5b of endowment insurance   2017-07-31
China has begun to invest almost 172.2 billion yuan ($25.5 billion) of basic endowment insurance funds, social security authorities said on Friday.As of the end of June, eight provincial regions, including Beijing, Shanghai and Hubei and Shaanxi provinces, had
Leshi appoints new chairman   2017-07-23
Sun Hongbin, chairman of Chinese property developer Sunac China Holdings. Sun Hongbin, chairman of Chinese property developer Sunac China Holdings, was voted in as the chairman of Leshi Internet Information and Technology Corp on Friday.Sunac, along with other

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