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China unveils plan to strengthen food safety   2019-05-26
China has unveiled a guideline to enhance the country's food safety with a phased plan to build a modern governance mechanism in the field.More than 97 percent of the country's major produce should pass quality and food safety test by 2020, while over    More

When French cuisine meets a more opened China   2019-03-24
For the first time, the Guangzhou-based Western restaurant Get Holiday joined "Good France," a campaign initiated by the French government to promote French cooking and present the charm of French cuisine.Each March, over 5,000 chefs from different restaurants   More

All wrapped up for Spring   2019-03-10
There are some who say that the first spring rolls originated from the southern provinces, specially in the Chaoshan area of Guangdong province, and also in Fujian province. Spring rolls. Ever wondered why they are called that? The English name is a literal tr   More

KFC opens Lei Feng-themed restaurant in Hunan   2019-03-10
Two big Lei Feng-like statues stand at the entrance to a Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant in Changsha, Hunan province, March 3, 2019. Kentucky Fried Chicken has launched a new themed branch in honor of Lei Feng, a legendary soldier celebrated in China for his   More

A taste of Spring Festival   2019-02-24
During the Spring Festival holiday, which has recently wrapped up for 2019, people enjoy not only reuniting with family, but also tasting delicious foods from their hometowns. These delicacies are deeply rooted in the memory of generations of individuals in Ch   More

Famous restaurant fined for false advertising   2019-01-20
One-star Michelin restaurant Madam Goose in Shanghai has been fined 30,000 yuan ($4,400) for being dishonest about the origins of its signature dish.According to local news portal Shanghai Observer, the popular restaurant had advertised to the public that its    More

Satiating the ferocious appetite for seafood   2019-01-13
Seafood chain Red Lobster has tweaked all of its offerings for its first outlet in China. Red Lobster, the world's largest seafood restaurant chain and fresh seafood purchaser, has opened its first location in China at Shanghai's IFC Mall.The new outle   More

Ice cream that will make you melt   2018-06-07
Summer is the ideal time to fall in love with ice cream. Scoops of icy goodness add sweetness to a child's memories, memories that later become a sanctuary for adults.With countless flavors and a fine texture that goes with almost anything, ice cream can b   More

12 Must Try Chinese Street Foods   2018-04-22
Though one country, China‘s vastness has allowed for many different types of Chinese cuisine to develop. We check out the dishes and delicacies you should try at least once.Jianbing (Chinese Crepes)Known as the Chinese crepes, jianbing is one of the most comm   More

Simple Tricks to Reading the Chinese Menu   2018-04-04
Want to order from the Chinese menu and not the watered down English version they present to non-Chinese speakers? Perhaps some readers know how to ask for what they want in Mandarin but what if you are hankering for a new sensory experience and would like to    More

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