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Satiating the ferocious appetite for seafood   2019-01-13
Seafood chain Red Lobster has tweaked all of its offerings for its first outlet in China. Red Lobster, the world's largest seafood restaurant chain and fresh seafood purchaser, has opened its first location in China at Shanghai's IFC Mall.The new outle   More

Ice cream that will make you melt   2018-06-07
Summer is the ideal time to fall in love with ice cream. Scoops of icy goodness add sweetness to a child's memories, memories that later become a sanctuary for adults.With countless flavors and a fine texture that goes with almost anything, ice cream can b   More

12 Must Try Chinese Street Foods   2018-04-22
Though one country, China‘s vastness has allowed for many different types of Chinese cuisine to develop. We check out the dishes and delicacies you should try at least once.Jianbing (Chinese Crepes)Known as the Chinese crepes, jianbing is one of the most comm   More

Simple Tricks to Reading the Chinese Menu   2018-04-04
Want to order from the Chinese menu and not the watered down English version they present to non-Chinese speakers? Perhaps some readers know how to ask for what they want in Mandarin but what if you are hankering for a new sensory experience and would like to    More

Mapo Toufu in Chengdu   2018-03-18
Chen Mapo Toufu is one of traditional dish of Han nationality in Sichuan and it is a China time-honored brand named by government. Chen Mapo Toufu was established in Qing dynasty (1862), and it was opened in the north of Chengdu. Chen Mapo Toufu was called Che   More

A Vegetarian's Guide to Eating in China   2018-03-05
As a vegetarian, the hardest place I’ve travelled is probably Brazil, where I lived on nothing but cheese sandwiches for almost a month. Second to that was Shanghai on my last holiday in China. It’s not that there aren’t great vegetarian options; it’s just   More

Hot Soup: Chinese Tradition and Mom's Cure For Cold Winters   2018-01-31
Nothing offers more satisfaction than a bowl of hot soup on a frigid winter day. It can fortify you against the cold as well as keep you cozy warm when the weather is less than comforting.In China, soup plays a substantial role in everyday health cultivation,    More

6 Fruits You Should Try in China   2018-01-24
China is known around the world for its excellent and varied cuisine, and many tourists come to the country to enjoy Peking duck, dim sum, and Lanzhou beef noodles, to name just a few famous dishes. However, even when you are not at the dinner table and are lo   More

10 Imported Goods That Will Become Cheaper   2017-11-30
The Ministry of Finance announced on Friday cuts in import tariffs on some consumer products starting from December.The reduction of import tariffs will affect 187 tariff codes, including on food, health supplements, pharmaceuticals, garments and recreational    More

10 Healthy Foods for the Fall   2017-10-23
As the balmy summer months become a distant memory and we head into the season of autumn, the desire for warming, restoring, comfort food is becoming more and more needed.The appearance of autumn with its crunchy brown leaves underfoot, warmth of a dwindling s   More

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