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China Daily USA publishes Chinese Enterprises in the United States 201    2019-01-13
The book cover of Chinese Enterprises in the United States.China Daily USA published this week the latest edition of its signature book, Chinese Enterprises in the United States.As in previous years, the book's focus is on leading Chinese companies that h
Preston and Child's stories are multifaceted and complex    2019-01-13
Verses for the Dead, co-written by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child, and published by Grand Central.The two authors Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child working together are masters at crafting Verses for the Dead, a story that goes beyond a simple mystery or th
China's book retail sales up 11.3 pct in 2018    2019-01-13
A man reads at a bookstore in Beijing. BEIJING -- China's book retail sales totaled 89.4 billion yuan ($13.1 billion) in 2018, up 11.3 percent year on year, said a report issued at the Beijing Book Fair.A total of 57.3 billion yuan was spent via online cha
The rarified atmosphere of an online bookshop    2018-12-22
Whenever somebody is asked about the earliest online secondhand book-selling platform in China, if they can come up with an answer, chances are that it will be Kongfuzi Jiushu Wang (Confucius Old Book website). The site was set up in 2002, eight years after th
Literature lovers hit streets for magazine    2018-12-22
October magazine.October, a magazine published in Beijing, has been a must-buy on newsstands for lovers of literature for four decades.Launched in August 1978, the magazine, which publishes novels, dramas and poems, has cultivated a group of writers and a larg
Beijing invests 100 million yuan in bookstore development    2018-12-21
Beijing municipal government will invest 100 million yuan ($14.5 million) to support the development of brick-and-mortar bookstores in 2019, announced the authority on Dec 18.In 2018 the city spent 50 million yuan supporting 151 bookstores, which tripled the p
Famous Chinese writer Ling Jiefang dies at 73    2018-12-16
A screenshot from the Sina weibo account of Henan Daily. Chinese novelist and dean of the College of Liberal Arts at Zhengzhou University Ling Jiefang – known by his penname Eryuehe – died early this morning at the age of 73.Publishing his first work in 1986
China's rocket heroes' story gets an English edition    2018-11-17
Veteran actress Xie Fang portrays scientist Ding Jieqiong in the 1980 film, The Second Handshake.China's national spirit has become a focus of publishing recently.The Untold Story of China's First A-Bomb, H-Bomb and Orbiting Satellite, written by veter
Children's book introduces Dubai    2018-11-17
Dubai has adopted a set of initiatives to attract Chinese travelers to visit and savor its tourist sites, including the signature Palm Islands.A hand-drawn children's book chronicling Dubai's history was launched in Beijing in late October.A collaborat
Tokyo love story    2018-11-11
Convenience Store Woman by Sayaka Murata. Convenience Store Woman is a Japanese literary sensation about an unconventional woman who finds contentment in an unexpected placeConvenience Store Woman by Sayaka Murata just might be the most surprising and unexpect

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