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HK tourists spend most on Indian hotel rooms
2016-04-27 14:52:09 author: 【big in small browse:498Secondary


For decades together, it was tourists from the West who paid the highest price for hotel stay in India. A reversal of that long-standing trend was registered in the first half of this year, when travelers from Hong Kong topped the list of biggest spenders on hotel rooms, followed by those from the US and then the UK.

Tourists from Hong Kong spent an average of Rs 8,325 per night on a hotel room compared with an average of Rs 7,539 spent by Americans and Rs 7,517 by the British, going by data for the first half of 2015, collected by online travel portal Hotels.com. Tourists from Singapore and Switzerland found themselves at the fourth and fifth places, respectively, when it comes to average prices paid for hotel rooms.

The rise in spenders from Hong Kong gains significance as traditionally it was tourists from Western countries who were the highest spenders on hotel rooms in India. Last year, it was tourists from Switzerland who topped the list, with an average of Rs 8,590 spent per night for a hotel room.

This year, the average price paid for a hotel room per night by the Swiss was Rs 7,407, which bagged them the fifth position on the list.

Swiss travelers had taken the top position for two consecutive years (2013 and 2014).

"Overall, there was a decline in the spending patterns of international travelers visiting India compared with the first half of last year," stated the survey. "Travelers from Hong Kong, the US, the UK and Singapore saw a marginal rise in the price paid per night in India in the first half of 2015," it added.

Last year, Italians were at the number three position on the top spenders' list. This year, though, they saw the Italians fall out of the top ten rank as their average spend per night fell by 17%.

Meanwhile, travelers from Brazil, South Korea, Japan, Gernmany and Australia stayed put in the Top Ten list of highest spenders on hotel rooms in India.


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