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After iPhone and iPad, Apple Watch likely to be made in India
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Taiwan’s Quanta Computer Inc, the world’s top contract PC manufacturer which makes laptops and assembles watches for Apple Inc, said on Thursday it is considering establishing a manufacturing base in India.

“We’re gathering materials for evaluation. We’re looking into it,” Quanta vice-chairman CC Leung said after the company’s annual investor conference.

Quanta’s move comes after rival Foxconn, the maker of iPhones and iPads announced that it will likely plow billions of dollars into establishing 10 to 12 facilities in India by 2020. Government officials have said Foxconn is in talks with main client Apple on the potential investments.

Quanta’s manufacturing facilities are all currently in China.

Leung said the company has no specific investment plans at present. There are a number of considerations that must be taken into account when evaluating India’s suitability for manufacturing, he added.

“Can you get convenient transportation and access to ports? Can you get the whole tech supply chain together?” he said.

Quanta also manufactures laptops for Hewlett-Packard Co and is the main assembler for the recently-released Apple Watch.

The company said that its PC shipment volume and revenue contribution from PCs should remain about the same this year as last year, despite a 6.2% drop in industry-wide shipments as predicted by market watchers International Data Corp


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